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Monday, August 2, 2010

Righteousness - Dear Briar...

3/11 -Righteousness

Dear Briar -

Who ever said that Lewis Carroll was a pervert? I bet it was a person of the same sick, rigid mentality that deemed homosexuals as “unfit” for society, and Black Africans as worthy of only working, or Women as better seen and not heard, walking ten paces behind their men. Oh, but let’s not forgot the Women who walk ten paces in front of their men in the event of possible land mines. What about the Lepers, who are born into the caste system and destined to flounder around the bottom of the ladder only to suffer, and get trampled on by those born into a more fortunate role? Who decides?

Lewis Carroll wrote one of the most fantastic children’s stories of all time, "Alice in Wonderland." He wrote it based on Alice Liddell ...not because he had a sexual affinity for her, but because he was taken by the beauty of children; the innocence and curiosity inherent in every child.

Carroll was a mathematics professor at a university in England, and his supervisor was Professor Liddell, father to the Liddell sisters. Carroll used to take the sisters out on leisurely rowboat rides around the pond on the campus of the university, where they would make up fantastical stories, hence the dawn of “Alice in Wonderland.” I’m sure that the unusual, unmarried Carroll was scoffed at, and frowned upon by some of his colleagues for spending so much time with the Liddell girls, but their father obviously saw through the negative to the mutual joy that their story creations gave one another.

Can you blame Carroll? He was the perceptive one. He was the one who saw the inflexibility, and stark landscape of adulthood. Children create their own landscape everyday; they paint with their imaginations and their hands and feet. They dance when they feel like dancing. They mimic the wind. They study the earth. They love animals. They are fascinated by water. They are artists. They feel music. They laugh when it’s funny. They jump up and down when they are excited. They cry when they are sad. They yell when they are mad. They nap when they are tired. They get their way because they are cute. They are not afraid to use it. They blow bubbles. They fall down, but get back up and try again. They believe in fairies. They play outside. They love colors. They are curious. They wear what’s comfortable. They are colorblind.

Every stifled adult should have a child mentor. We have so much to learn from children.

Love, Ana

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