"Dear Prudence" by Amanda Grieme

Friday, July 30, 2010

Dear Briar... and "My Friend" by "OLB"

3/10 - Wash
Dear Briar -

I sent you a letter two days ago, and I cannot stop thinking about it.
I wonder what you will think? I can just picture you, fumbling into your blue, mirrored apartment building with the deco light fixtures …the smell of waxed floors and old paint. You close the city behind you, talk to pup who you just picked up from puppy kindergarten, where all of the girls fussed over you and pup, hoping to God that you like women, while your glance is saved for a handsome man.

Then you shuffle down the corridor toward the mailboxes and the neat old freight elevator that I am afraid to take, avoiding your reflection in the mirrored walls. You fumble with the keys, reach into your apt. 4C box, pull out a pile of mail …shuffle through like cards, “Bills, bill, bill, bill, check oooh, bill, bill, Ana?”

You laugh at my childlike handwriting on the envelope, silently compare it to your own, and decide to wait to read it when you get into your apartment. You and pup move into the old elevator, you push 4, and relax into the dark, mirrored wall behind you.

Struggling with the keys to open your apartment door, you go into the kitchen, greeted by Puddy the overweight, psychotic cat, that I saved from the ghetto and graced you with. You then drop your bag on the floor in front of the window that looks out toward the Chrysler Building, walk over and check your messages. Nothing good. “Cal” you yell, noticing a half full glass of water on the counter, then you notice the note. “Bri ... went for a run. Be back in an hour. What are you hungry for? Love, Cal.”

You fall onto the couch, followed by Pup who jumps up to gently lick your chin, then lays down, head on your lap, and sighs. You close your eyes for a moment, then remember the letter from me in your hand, and you open it and giggle at the crappy paper and business envelope that I folded it into. Some things never change.

You then fumble through my words. The letter is my vain attempt to express how disillusioned I have been, how I have suffered, why I have been so distant, and how I am trying, desperately, to come back to earth. And most importantly, how much I miss you. I can only hope that you are smiling now.

Love, Ana

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