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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dear Spirit, God, Universe, Goddess, All-Knowing Entity, Prayer Collector, etc. - It

4/5 - It
Dear Spirit, God, Universe, Goddess, All-Knowing Entity, Prayer Collector, etc. -

Will I ever know what to refer to you as? I guess that it doesn’t matter, as long as I know that you are there, wherever there may be. It’s definitely not one inch above my reality; I think that’s where the restless souls reside, a.k.a. the unresolved ghosts. I’m thinking that you are everywhere at once, like Santa Claus. It’s possible; he has helpers to assist him in his yearly task, your helpers must be angels who take on human or animal form. How else could you reach your arms all around Planet Earth? That is quite a stretch.

Anyhow, here is my question. How do I prioritize my prayers? When I say a prayer, I always end up attempting to edit it as I go because I feel that it is not selfless enough. I restart the prayer a dozen times, trying to hold down the prayers for myself, and my thoughts of money. But I know that you can hear truth in thought; how else would you be able to determine whether or not a person is truly good, or a bad seed? There are some fine actors in this world. Perhaps it’s not about language at all, but about the energy that a human radiates. Perhaps that is what you read ...not their thoughts.

Wait a minute! What am I talking about, you’re an all-knowing entity. See, it’s really difficult as a mortal to comprehend your immeasurability. I guess that’s where faith comes in ...and hope. They are such powerful words, and are two of the only words that can sever through skepticism.

Anyway, I have so many people that I want to pray for, but while I’m speaking to you, my mind drifts to war and repression in the Middle East. The injustice there is incomprehensible; I just cannot fathom the suffering. It certainly contorts my priorities, or perhaps it clarifies them. The bothersome metallic taste in my mouth from Lithium, and my negative bank account and inability to sleep sometimes certainly isn’t comparable to living in fear of suicide bomber attacks, gun shot wounds, or impending land mines.

Where are you in the face of war? I refuse to believe that you avoid it, but it is pretty difficult for me to comprehend that you are weaving in and out of all of that fear with a magic wand. Are you there on a smaller scale, like in a letter from home for a soldier, or in a loaf of bread for a needy family, or in the eyes of a young person training to be a terrorist, who has an epiphany, and realizes that something is not right with his learned mentality? Is prayer and collective human thought what you are fueled by? Can it end a war? Dhammapada (ca. 5th century B.C.) once said, “All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” Is prayer really that powerful?

Love, Ana
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